Angst+Pfister AG
Thurgauerstr. 66
CH-8052 Zürich

In our factory, Angst Pfister Advanced Technical Solutions's state-of-the-art manufacturing processes is producing rubber and rubber-metal bonded parts in an environmentally way.  Our guiding principles include:

1. Measuring and controlling the consumption of resources (electricity, water, fuel etc.) in each of our processes

2. Complying with all environmental laws, regulations and legal requirements
3. Taking the necessary precautions in reducing our solid, liquid and gas waste

4. Within a framework of technical possibilities, using environment-friendly manufacturing technologies to preventing contamination

5. Adopting and putting into practice the approach of recycling, recovery and reuse

6. As part of creating a sustainable environment, establishing and constantly improving our Environment Management System

7. Analyzing the environmental impacts of the projects to be implemented.

While putting these principles into practice, our aim is to protect our natural environment, which is a universal value, in collaboration with our customers, suppliers, community and employees. Together to create an educated and conscious society.